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Coming from a video and conceptual background, the portfolio shows a predominant category in film making and experimentation with video. The progress with video and film projects gave the portfolio versatility and an adaptive edge in terms of how ideas could be used. This allowed achievements and acceptances into various exhibitions, international film festivals, events, press, global companies, agencies and brands.

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Dance - Domestic Violence Ad

For Dazzle magazine, the proposition was to help stop domestic violence. The idea was created to work by using footage from old classic films by trick editing its scenarios, to give an opposite intention from the initial film. The piece showed an editing  technique in order to change the scenario from a romantic comedy to a dark reality, with a tag-line of:  "When this happens... press Stop". 

The piece has also been given a full page spread for promotion in Dazzle magazine's  June'09 issue, and is also being promoted through websites and daily e-mail feeds. 

The film used is of Public Domain. 

Below are the credits, video of the ad, the magazine, and the published full page promotion for the video.  

Client: Dazzle  Magazine
Copywriters: Soraya Abbar and Akram Al Amoudi
Creator and editor: Soraya Abbar 
Assistant editor: Akram Al Amoudi

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