Soraya Abbar

Coming from a video and conceptual background, the portfolio shows a predominant category in film making and experimentation with video. The progress with video and film projects gave the portfolio versatility and an adaptive edge in terms of how ideas could be used. This allowed achievements and acceptances into various exhibitions, international film festivals, events, press, global companies, agencies and brands.

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Video Installation × 3 video projectors

Running time for each video: 15 minutes (video loop)

The installation was based on giving the viewer a chance to explore a new way of observing video.

The three videos projected all showed a process of a bath from the viewpoint of a floating camera.

The pieces all begin with an empty tub. As the water rises, the camera floats, and as the person enters, the camera begins to circulate. When the bath is finished, the water begins to sink and the tub is empty again.

The sound seems to be the only hint to the viewer that it is a bath tub, but what is viewed seems to show and extremely abstract observation of what is occurring. This suggestively demonstrates  a process of time through the observation of being out of focus, flawed, and loss of vertical and horizontal holds. Giving the projections a sense of interaction to the viewer, as well as a new sense of awareness.

Below are video stills from the installations, a representation of how the projections were exhibited, and mini teaser of one of the videos for viewing. The installation was also exhibited as part of 'Perspective Space' Exhibition at Life Store August 2009 

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