Soraya Abbar

Coming from a video and conceptual background, the portfolio shows a predominant category in film making and experimentation with video. The progress with video and film projects gave the portfolio versatility and an adaptive edge in terms of how ideas could be used. This allowed achievements and acceptances into various exhibitions, international film festivals, events, press, global companies, agencies and brands.

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Ceiling Swimmers

As an indirect marketing tool for Life Store, an exhibition was brought forward  to promote video artists and have their work exhibited in their shop.Press, advertisement and invites for the exhibition were made via 'What's up Jeddah magazine'  and other social websites, bringing in a large crowd for the event.  

The overall theme for this exhibition is exploring water, and its relationship to space, observation and experience. 3 Video installations were placed showing "Ceiling swimmers" 

This video installation allows the viewer's to experience and observe a perspective of being under and inside water. The projectors are placed on the ceilings and wall, showing the passing of swimmers as they move around the space. This brings forward the concept of opening fixed areas and bringing in a new environment, as well as a voyeuristic gaze onto the swimmers as they travel around the walls. 

This may also be interpreted as fragmented video portraits, which project onto extended spaces. This perception seems evident by the way the videos are installed on the second floor of the exhibition. Giving the impression of embodied figures shimmering in and out of existence.

The merging of the 3 projections gave a continuous real-time experience, and in return helped ad value to the immersive atmosphere. 


Below are a list of credits to the people involved, along with stills of the mapping, the event ivites, the company and a video of the installation.   


Media: Video Installation  x 3 projectors 

Running Time: 12 minutes 


Artist: Soraya Abbar 

Art Director: Namood-e-Saher Khan

Camera-Man/DOP: Helmy H. Al Sagaf

1st Camera Assistant: Sharifa Lee Abdulrahman

2nd Camera Assistant: Hamza J AlAtas


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