Soraya Abbar

Coming from a video and conceptual background, the portfolio shows a predominant category in film making and experimentation with video. The progress with video and film projects gave the portfolio versatility and an adaptive edge in terms of how ideas could be used. This allowed achievements and acceptances into various exhibitions, international film festivals, events, press, global companies, agencies and brands.

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I Have a Temper


Project Description:

A character that has been pre-recorded appears on a monitor in a room. The reactions of the character are dependant on the audience’s entrance to the space and their movement.

When a viewer approaches the piece, the character does not appear on the screen, and the room is empty. However, the moment he/she steps into the space in front of the screen the character appears by walking into frame, looks at the observer and reacts to there movements. The character appears on the screen for a short period of time, as she is portrayed to be uncomfortable with the audience being there. If the observer chooses to stay standing in one area of the space, the character then exits and leaves the room empty.

Key Points:

The first key points to this idea is eye contact. The audience should be aware that the person on the screen is observing them. The second point is that the character does not stay for long on the screen as she exits from the screen after she shows discomfort with them. Technical Description:

‘I Have a Temper’, was technically built by using max-msp / jitter software. By using a camera that would be placed (on the ceiling) above the walking area for the audience. The camera would be used to detect colour change and movement in the space. The colour detection was used to detect the audience. This detection was aided by making gradient points of the space, which identified the where-abouts of the viewer within the space. In return, it helped create a narrative to the piece which was dependant on their movement. This technique needed more experimenting with but seemed convincing as it was invisible to the audience.
Development of the Project:

The key milestones for the development of this project was to see whether it is possible to create a video interactive character without the audience being aware of what triggered it.
Artists and interactive designers that have experimented with ideas of similar vein were usefull references to help ensure authenticity. Research in these areas helped to identify some of the obstacles and find quick solutions in regards to the technicality as well as the theoretical approach.

Below shows the working space in which 'I Have a Temper' was created, a video of how it works, conceptual development, and the patch work for its construction.

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