Soraya Abbar

Coming from a video and conceptual background, the portfolio shows a predominant category in film making and experimentation with video. The progress with video and film projects gave the portfolio versatility and an adaptive edge in terms of how ideas could be used. This allowed achievements and acceptances into various exhibitions, international film festivals, events, press, global companies, agencies and brands.

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Attention to Detail
The idea would allow the viewer to scope the area like a detective. He/she would walk to the area to view what lies beneath the walls of the house.

The piece was designed to be placed in malls or exhibition spaces. 'The house' would be assembled against a wall and would seem to look as though it were the front of a real house. Parts of the roof, plants and side door would be real but the majority of the space would be made from screen/projectors. This would allow the illusion for the house to seem authentic from a distance.

The screens/projectors would show large j-pegs of the walls, windows and part of the flooring of the outside of the house. As the viewers come towards the area, sensors would trigger the change in interaction to the space, as the j-pegs of the walls etc. would fade to see a digital animation video of the inside and below flooring of the house. This would allow the idea of depth and distance. The house would seem to look 3D as well as show attention to detail and craftsmanship through its transparency.

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