Soraya Abbar

Coming from a video and conceptual background, the portfolio shows a predominant category in film making and experimentation with video. The progress with video and film projects gave the portfolio versatility and an adaptive edge in terms of how ideas could be used. This allowed achievements and acceptances into various exhibitions, international film festivals, events, press, global companies, agencies and brands.

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On Line Multi Narrative

Group Project: Soraya Abbar, Luke Hearn and Yon Marsh



Film has always been an expensive source of entertainment, left only for people like the bigger Hollywood filmmakers. When cheaper and more accessible video recorders were produced people had the opportunity to make their own videos. This of course made way to a newer approach on film making. Showing that anyone could record moving image through video. This can be considered a break through; artists and performers, along with amateur filmmakers were able to produce their own work without the financial constraints of film.
Short films, Reality TV shows etc. became possible and gave more opportunities for people who wanted to participate in the entertainment industry. However, even though these changes gave way to opportunities for people, there still holds a gap in between what is recorded and what is observed. What this means, is that there are limits as to what will be aired on television and what will be entered into film festivals. This leads to a lot of struggling filmmakers, actors and other media type personalities who would like to be discovered. They have the means to do their work but do not have the resources to show their work to the public in a professional manner.


To set up an environment through an internet format within moving image; What is meant by this, is to make a ‘site’ like space online in which video pieces can all interlink in a visually exciting way. Wether through connecting the video footage through the narrative flow from one content to another or visually connecting one image to a matching other. All would play in a moving continuation to these 'rules' but can also be guided by the users mouse click.


To bring together filmmakers and other interested parties, to have their work submitted onto this “site” so they can have more opportunities of being seen and for self-promotion. This idea is one that would show more of a democracy in film by allowing whomever wishes to put their work up rather than just the select few such as that in the film industry or television. It also allows a bigger distribution in videos and films etc. Giving an on-going exhibition of work depending on the observer’s selection.
This would start off as a tree type structure (internet holds similar vein), to work like a branching network in which the observer selects what they wish to continue observing, then if they would like to see something else they click on another, for example: person, dog, door etc. so the visual focus concentrates on what has been selected and thus a new journey in moving image is followed when a click to something new is made.
The set of seen mini-video clips act as links to the narrative. The viewer wants to follow as he/she continues to follow the story line. This means that if they are interested in: (for example: seeing a certain moving picture of some people going about what they are doing and then choosing them. By clicking on them with a mouse you are then taken to their world. Whether they are reality show types, movies, music videos etc. It’s the idea of bringing these people who love films, making them and being a part of them all in one place. This also gives opportunity to unknown filmmakers and actors etc. maybe even scouts out the up and coming later talents.
The Internet is like an infinite encyclopedia, filled with web pages. These web pages are the workings of people who have put these pages onto the internet, so when someone is interested in a certain area they can type it in or click on it and are given what they are looking for. This in relation to our idea is that the video pieces would work in a similar way. To click onto whomever you want to observe (showing him/her in a moving image fashion- not still) continual movement. The audience is able to click on whatever they want to watch. As a result this follows the “character” into whatever they will show you. The viewer is then controlling what they want to watch. This can be seen as choice of what voyeuristic desire the viewer may want to look into. The Internet has similarities to this idea as it has to do with choice; the viewer chooses what they want to find out about. For our project this would be about what they want to watch, by picking the person or scenario they would like to see more of. This will give opportunity for people around the world to put their work into films without the competitive restraints of Hollywood films and television sensory.

The idea is, as the site developes there will be more added movies and so the dynamics of the sectors change. The content of which the viewer will be able to use as a type of hyperlink in persuing their own viewing experience on the web and in so doing create tabs. These tabs will then allow users to follow viewing experiences or create their own viewing experience. This is not meant to be as in the web on a single 'layer' but as a sort of hyper-media video experience. There will be links in the movie which will constitute to a data base and so allow mapping to occur. There are major issues of file management and streaming to be realised here, to ensure the viewer has a smooth experience. The concept of linking the movies together with links is to be investigated. There are also other issues that need to be considered from the visual aspect of the site in terms of quality. Visual gloss and aesthetic enhancements need to be available in order to help make the 'site' a place for people to be excited over when submitting their videos. To know that their work will be portrayed aesthetically.

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